Tuesday, April 11, 2017

TOMS 2.0


Toms has always been famous for their one for one start up, but most of us thought that was limited to shoes. This amazing non-profit has expanded their horizons .beyond basic foot wear and jumped into glasses, bags and apparel. Their motto "With every product you purchase Toms will help one person in need" is honest and true! Their website and blog have synergy with telling their story! 

What do they give? 
Shoes for shoes, glasses for sight, coffee for water, bags for safe birth. 

Where do they give?
They give in over 70+ countries 

How do they give? 

Their Social Media Platforms include:

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pura Vida


The founders of Pura Vida went on a college graduation trip that changed their careers and lives forever. 

"While traveling through Costa Rica, Griffin and Paul crossed paths++ with two bracelet artisans named Jorge and Joaquin. The colorful handmade bracelets seemed to capture the essence of their journey. At the time, Jorge and Joaquin were living in poverty. They slept with their family in a single crammed room with three beds. After seeing this, Griffin and Paul asked Jorge and Joaquin to make 400 bracelets to take home with them. No one would have expected for this casual encounter to grow into the successful partnership that it is today."

Their partnership with Jorge and Joaquin in hopes of spreading the “pura vida” spirit back in California and now across the globe.  Jorge and Joaquin used to sell 1-3 bracelets a day, but thanks to their new found friendship bracelets are worn by millions of people around the world and serve as a tangible reminder to slow down and live in the moment. Jorge, Joaquin and 100+ of their amigos are and all to provide for their families and communities. 

What is the"Pura Vida" Philosophy? 

"Encouraging the appreciation of life’s simple treasures. Slowing things down, celebrating good fortune- and refusing to take anything for granted embodies this laid back lifestyle. 
“Pure Vida means choosing to live life to the fullest. It’s more than just a saying... it’s a lifestyle."