Tuesday, March 14, 2017


They listened to their dreams. They're giving the gift of hearing- one set of headphones at a time! 

Through purchasing headphones, earbuds, speakers and more funds are donated to the Starkey Hearing Foundation(link here) to improve impaired heard across the globe! 

LSTN uses Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to market their products and purpose! Videos of people hearing for the first time are most popular and receive the most viewers.

Check them out at:


  1. Wow this is actually really cool. The idea of helping other countries is always and inspiration to read about. To be honest I wouldn't even mind working for them as a sales rep to help them out even more, especially since its for a good cause. Interesting post.

  2. Love this idea and companies like this! I like to connection of headphones to hearing, it feels so real and like it truly stems from a passion for music.